December 10, 2015

Scrubs’ Day of Wellness with MyHealthyLife Wellness Services

Scrubs the Elf just spent a day of wellness at MyHealthyLife Wellness Services!

He started the day of with some fitness and movement classes. He tried Tabata, TRX, and LeBarre.  His favorite was yoga – he’s a natural at child’s pose!

Next, Scrubs tried acupuncture!  He was a little nervous, because he’d never had acupuncture before.  But the Wellness Services acupuncturist put his mind at ease, and the needles didn’t hurt at all.  He was so relaxed, he fell asleep during his session!

Scrubs finished off his wellness day with a massage.  The Wellness Services massage therapists worked out all the kinks that come with sitting in one position all day.  Scrubs felt good as new as he headed off to his next adventure!

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